About Us

Our Mission:
Our mission is to educate the community by preserving, developing and interpreting local history.  OLHS furthers its purpose through educational programs, school tours, lectures, foodways programs, and through the cooperation with area groups interested in local history.
About Us:
The overall goal of the Ohio Living History Society (OLHS) is to provide the public with the opportunity to experience American, Ohio and Western Reserve history first-hand.

Our group is comprised of historical interpreters who aim to bring local history back to life.  We extensively research average 19th Century Ohio citizens and portray them as closely as possible to the way they would have lived during that time.  While utilizing authentic manners of dress, social customs, historic menus and period-appropriate settings, we invite visitors to come and experience an evening meal with our re-created families and other local citizens as though they were in the midst of the 19th Century.  We strive to fashion an experience that far surpasses any live dinner theater or history class by engaging each guest personally and guaranteeing a different experience with each visit.

The staff and volunteers at OLHS understand that not all our guests may feel comfortable in their new (albeit temporary) historical environment.  To help ensure that all who participate feel at ease, we employ our methodology of ENGAGE, ORIENT, EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN.  When our guests first arrive, our initial task is to engage them in friendly conversation.  This allows the opportunity to orient our guests to their new surroundings, making sure they understand the dynamics of the program.  It is only then that we may succeed in the true goal of the program- to educate our guests in an entertaining manner!

OLHS will expand upon our educational mission by offering interactive programs to students, day cares, camps and various clubs.  Elementary through college-age students will be given the opportunity to discover cultural wares and customs during the 19th Century.  Our wide-ranging programming will allow students to explore the regional traditions of Northeast Ohio and its people as they were over 100 years ago.  They will be encouraged to join in on the hands-on activities and educational discussions with our historical interpreters.  Students will explore the social, cultural, economic and agricultural growth of Ohio through our different programs: Settler, Canal, Civil War and Victorian.